Fine Art Photography Best Photos

Digital photography is changing its way out nowadays. Internet has given birth to a new category of photography called the fine art photography.

Here are a few essentials to become a fine art photographer:

Artists’ vision

Before your work turns out to be a fine art, you should have a prior vision of how will your work look likes.

An Idea

Fine art is all about an emotion, a message or an idea. The artist always has something to convey by the way of their work.  The idea or message can be just a single word or a whole sentence. It can be like a hypothesis.


The work you are using to demonstrate the idea and vision must have consistency in it. When you put all of your work together, it should have similarities. Therefore artists use same technique and medium for each of their idea.

Work Body

At the end, the body of your work will show your technique, subjects and ideas. If your images are displayed in a gallery, there should be uniformity in all of them.

Artists’ statement

An explanation in brief of what you created, what is all about, and how it has been created is needed at an end. The artists’ statements will help you to figure out the intentions of the artist and his reasons of creating that work.


Here is all you need to do:

Putting your ideas all together

Sit down and write down your ideas.

  • Regarding which topics you are passionate for?
  • What message you want to convey through your art?
  • Which subjects you want to pick up for your photography?
  • What techniques you want to employ?

Just write down whatever strikes your mind. May be it is not making sense, but don’t worry. Be free to write and start to do it. These ideas will provide directions to you.

Deciding the topic

Don’t choose topics of social and political consciousness. Work on some motivational topics.

Work on your technique

Keep the technique same for all images. Start experimenting to get the best and a unique technique for your art work. Cohesive portfolio can be created as it looks great and connects all your photos together while displaying.

The artist statement

It should be written in a language that goes well with your art world or what we call as art speak. It should sound very good. The artist statement is the thing that is taken care of while your work is being displayed.


The work should represent what you are passionate for. Don’t bother about what others think of it. Think of doing your work as you want it should be and do it as long as you enjoy it.


Lots of reformations and steps had been taken to help the unprivileged children and also sick and disabled children. Even we see in our societies, how the various special measures are constantly being taken and upgraded to make the disabled and sick children live a better life.

However, these are just sympathies and though they go a long way in helping the disabled children, little do they do to morally and psychologically uplift them. The recent empowerment of the sick and disabled children by the mere photography by Josh Rossi however brought about immense psychological and moral motivation amongst them.

Josh Rossi had initially started this incredible movement by turning his daughter through the magical photographic skills. He initially turned her into a Wonder Woman and even Belle from the wonderful series Beauty and the Beast.

Inspired by this success, he undertook the ‘super passion project’ and went through this photographic boosting of the sick children. In the ‘Kid Superhero Series’, Rossi imagines these children with illnesses as the characters with disabilities like the Justice League. Therefore with an imagined backdrop but the real protagonists, he created this beautiful art form. The children are showcased just like a movie poster.

Uniformed in the distinct superhero attires, they are shown to be standing in front of the Justice League Logo, digitally and dramatically rendered into these posters. The children also happily struck the best super hero poses and Rossi had done a wonderful job in photographing them and editing the picture.

When the photo shoot was complete, the photographer presented those children with the edited photographers. The photographs looked like some real movie posters with miniature Justice League heroes. The children were ecstatic with the photographs.

Needless to say, the photograph was a great moral and psychological boosting for them. The photograph also showcased the fact that they are no less brave than these super heroes. It completely swept them off their feet and gave them a new life with new moral boosting. Even the photographer was very excited to see the excitement on their face.

Thus this expedition by Josh Rossi, always remains one of the best steps taken for the sick and disabled children. It provided them some true inspiration making them believe in themselves and enhancing trust in them.

Also it leads to the stronger common belief that sick and disabled children are no less competent than the common children. They are equally potent and strong and also deserving. Thus, this is one of the best photographic reforms for the sick and disabled children.